Behavior Policy

The Cabell County Board of Education recognizes the need for students,teacher, administrators, and other school personnel to have a nurturing and orderly, safe, and stimulating educational environment. The purpose of these regulations is to provide the Cabell County School district with a policy of student conduct that will ensure an orderly and safe environment that is conducive to learning. These regulations require that Cabell County Schools respond immediately and consistently to violations of the Student Code of Conduct in a manner that effectively deters future incidents and affirms respect for individuals. Areas of Concern:Inappropriate Dress and Grooming– A student will not dress in a manner that is distracting or indecent,to the extent that it interferes with the teaching and learning process, including wearing any apparel that displays of promotes any drug, alcohol, or tobacco products. Disorderly Conduct – A disruption caused by talking, making noises, throwing objects, or otherwise distracting another person. Bullying/Harassment/Intimidation – Any intentional gesture, or any intentional written, verbal or physical act or threat. Insubordination/Unruly Conduct – A student who ignores or refuses to comply with directions or instructions given by school authorities, examples include: refusing to open a book, refusing to complete an assignment, refusing to work with another student, refusing to work in a group, refusing to take a test or do any other class activity, refusing to leave a hallway when requested by a school staff member, or running away from school staff when told to stop. Profane Language– The use of inappropriate language directed at a school employee or a student either verbally, written, electronically, or drawing. Procedures:1) Teachers will have rules and classroom procedures posted in the classroom.2) Teachers will teach and model desired behavior in the classroom.3) Teachers will periodically review rules and classroom procedures.4) Students will model appropriate classroom behavior.5) First offense – an effort will be made by the teacher to contact the parent or guardian of student displaying inappropriate behavior.

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