Dress and Appearance Policy

The following Dress Code shall be observed by all students. The purpose of the dress and appearance code is to enhance school safety,maintain school discipline and to instill community values. It is not the intention of the dress and appearance code to inhibit legitimate student expression. However,apparel, accessories, buttons or jewelry that contain vulgar, lewd,obscene, or plainly offensive messages, or that may lead to substantial interference with school activities are prohibited.

  • Head gear, including, but not limited to, hats, visors, caps, headbands, and sunglasses, may not be worn during the school day.

  • Muscle shirts, side vent shirts, cut-off shirts, crop tops, spaghetti straps, mesh or see through shirts, clothing that reveals undergarments or bare midriff are prohibited.

  • Apparel, accessories, buttons or jewelry that depict prohibited substances including, but not limited to drugs, alcohol or tobacco.

  • Cut-off shorts; shorts, skirts, and dresses worn above the knees must be of modest length (not shorter than the student’s fingertips when standing with hands at side).

  • Bare feet, aqua socks, sandal-like shoes without a heel strap are prohibited.

  • Pants with holes above the knees, that are tight (including spandex and biker shorts), that hang below the heel of the shoes, and that are worn below the hip bone, are prohibited.

  • Heavy chains, jewelry that is pointed or sharp, or other items or accessories that are readily adaptable for use as a weapon are prohibited.

  • Earrings or studs worn in the nose, tongue, or eyebrow are prohibited.

  • Apparel, accessories, buttons or jewelry that contain messages that are considered Constitutionally protected speech are permitted.

  • Each school may adopt a local dress rule concerning the use of coats indoors. Such rules shall be published, posted and made known to the students and parents by announcement in the school newsletter.

  • In the event a school identifies items of apparel, accessories, buttons or jewelry that are not set forth in this dress and appearance code, but that are inappropriate of unsafe, the school may prohibit such items through publication and announcements included in the school newsletter.

When violations of this Code occur, the student will be instructed to correct the violation. If necessary, the student’s parents will be requested to bring an appropriate change of clothing to school. If a change of clothing is necessary to comply with the code, but is not possible for any reason, the student will be assigned to a classroom for the remainder of the day. Repeated or willful violations of the Code will be subject to disciplinary action under the Code of Conduct.

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